About Us

Clerkenwell Properties was founded in 2018 in historic Clerkenwell in London, the neighbourhood where in the 18th century the City of London met the Middlesex countryside.

Clerkenwell as an area was a microcosm of almost every aspect of the built environment. Built on the banks of the historic river Fleet it had a medieval Abbey, houses, shops, factories, plenty of green spaces and at the other end the New River bringing fresh water into London.

In many ways, Clerkenwell was the first modern town development in England, an example set by our Georgian ancestors of how things should be done with decent high-quality housing, places to work, green spaces and good infrastructure.

Clerkenwell Properties was set up with the same principles of our Georgian forefathers, to quote Oscar Wilde: “We have the simplest of tastes. We are only satisfied with the best.” Our aim is to deliver high-quality developments that complement its local setting, something that fits in that will contribute in a positive way to the area rather than detract from it – as so often the case!

We pride ourselves in listening to the neighbours and working with them to draw up the plans for our developments. That way we ensure that what we build whether it be new homes or businesses fit in with what is around it but also (from a very selfish point of view) are places where people actually want to live for a long time. We never build a home where we wouldn’t live ourselves. .

Each and every home is special to us and designed with the knowledge that it will be there for many years and we design them thinking about the people who will live in them in 50, one hundred or two hundred years. The beautiful Georgian properties in Clerkenwell still look like when they were constructed two centuries ago and are still pleasant homes where people want to live and that is what we aim to achieve.

Clerkenwell was the original town-meets countryside and a walk around the neighbourhood will tell you that they got it right but unfortunately in the intervening centuries the basic principles were forgotten. Our aim with our developments is to restore that balance, to be sensitive to the surroundings and respect the surroundings to create a feeling of openness while retaining aesthetically pleasing designs constructed out of traditional material and to the highest technical specifications.

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